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April 20/21
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May 5th/6th
Sun Valley, ID Sun Valley Lodge Register
June 9th/10th
Oakland, CA Preservation Park Center Register
June 23/34
Seattle, WA  Talarus Conference Center Register
June 30/ July 1
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July 14/15
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July 21/22
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July 28/29
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Joe is the founder and managing director of One Earth Capital. He has over twenty years of corporate experience in helping build companies in personal development, sustainable agriculture, and financial services. Joe has worked closely with a diverse array of organizations, including Barclays Global Investors, Wells Fargo Bank, The Bureau of Reclamation, as well as smaller entrepreneurial companies across six continents.

Joe has committed himself to a life of self-exploration and inner reflection across multiple platforms – neurological, psychological, and spiritual.

For the past fifteen years, Joe has also been deeply involved in philanthropy. His projects include improving education in inner cities and the restoration of several riparian habitats in the South West United States.

Alongside his role as venture capitalist, he is also the managing director of the DBJ Foundation. He spearheaded the first venture capital company to focus on sustainable agriculture and was the largest investor in the first sustainable agriculture IPO on Nasdaq. He has served on the board of directors of both public and private companies and has helped many of these companies realize exponential growth.

A wife and two young daughters are the center of Joe’s life. He also spends time traveling around the world learning tools that help him enable others to be deeply authentic.


“I can’t recommend Joe highly enough. I’ve worked with many highly talented teachers and coaches and Joe’s work is as powerful as any I have encountered. Joe brings a deep sense of the transcendent that is embodied and deeply loving, while simultaneously uncompromising. This stand combined with his skills in working with others enables him to help individuals and teams quickly and deeply makes shifts that are liberating and lasting, and that have a profoundly positive impact on the world we live in.”

– Geoff Fitch, Founding Partner at Pacific Integral

“I have worked with a number of teachers, facilitators, and coaches over the years and Joe Hudson offers a unique and powerful blend of the very best elements. He is a highly impactful person to work with. Profound psycho-spiritual tools are insightfully integrated with Joe’s love, presence, and humor. Clearly and compassionately committed to your freedom and well being, this guy will help you get results. I have greatly benefited from my work with Joe and consider it an honor to offer these impressions.”

– Mikey Siegel, Founder Consciousness Hacking

“Our work with Joe Hudson aimed to address a number of our internal communication norms that have been preventing Milepost from operating consistently at capacity while meeting service quality requirements. Our objective is to engage in conversations that are representative of all party’s interests and perspectives, identify and resolve issues more efficiently, and ultimately result in a volume of sales that aligns to our capacity to deliver. The one day workshop Joe provided to all staff immediately resulted in a set of agreements and new standards for internal communications. We have a platform in place for reinforcing the emerging norms and for maintaining the “practice” until the new skills become mastered.

What we appreciated most about working with Joe in addition to his mastery of the subject matter was his ability to connect with everyone in the room on a very honest, human level. The sincerity he brings to effective communications creates an infectious desire to become a better communicator. The outcome of the one day workshop, evidenced by the company wide embrace of a new approach to communications, took us much further down the path of improvement than we had anticipated we would get in such a short amount of time.”

– Erik Froyd, President, Milepost Consulting, Inc.

“Joe Hudson is a visionary who is rooted in the practical realities of a world that sorely needs courage and vision. He’s also a mover and shaker. Joe knows how to get in and support the best in each of us. In a group, he solicits wisdom from each person. Be ready for him to stand up to pretense, too, while both honoring and releasing the person momentarily snared there. You’ll be challenged, you’ll learn deeply, you’ll come away having authentically connected with yourself, your higher purpose, and with others whose caring has touched you. And you’ll come away loved.”

– Patty Wipfler, Founder and Program Director at Hand in Hand Parenting





My work is all about understanding one’s self and encouraging authentic expression. I facilitate the journey by bringing a unique set of tools that are grounded in many psychological, neurological, and spiritual traditions. These tools focus on unwinding negative underlying patterns and tapping into our natural capacity to love and fully accept ourselves.

Much of the self work available today is either about transcendence or how to go about getting what you want. It is like we have been given only two choices: you can be spiritual and live at peace or you can live an outward life that is appealing.

I take apart this assumption. My tools give a felt sense of how the outward expression of life, from business to relationship, can be used for powerful spiritual awakenings. These tools also allow us to be more effective and fulfilled in our actions.

On the other side of this assumption, I nurture the natural expression of a self-realizing life. To understand how we are one with the universe is not the end of the journey. In fact, an unrelenting focus on achieving or maintaining this realization can be a form of ignorance and suffering. Once we know what being one is, then we are drawn to knowing how oneness does. How do we work from oneness, start businesses from oneness, be married in oneness, create community in oneness, and parent from oneness?

My work is very loving and very fierce. Everyone’s sense of safety and respect is always a priority, since these are the keys to growth and healing. At the same time, every belief and action we hold dear to us is open for questioning, as these are often the barriers to that same growth and healing. My approach combines the journey of self-realization and the journey of a potent life. Living in authenticity allows us to know ourselves deeply and act with power and vulnerability.