I work with a select group of influencers that want to transform themselves and benefit the world. I only take on 2-3 clients a year which is a small percentage of the requests I receive. My clients have already done a substantial amount of self discovery work and their life circumstances put them in a position to profoundly influence society. Most importantly, my clients are deeply committed to their own self realization and to well being of humanity.


I only work with organizations that understand that a culture that promotes self-discovery is highly effective and holds a competitive advantage. My work in organizations is two-fold. Firstly, I work with teams to create an environment where connection is first and where autonomy, safety, and debate lead to constant learning. Secondly, I bring tools and structures to the different parts of the business like sales, marketing, technology development, and operations that are highly effective and reinforce self-discovery.



My work is all about understanding one’s self and encouraging authentic expression. I facilitate the journey by bringing a unique set of tools that are grounded in many psychological, neurological, and spiritual traditions. These tools focus on unwinding negative underlying patterns and tapping into our natural capacity to love and fully accept ourselves.

Much of the self work available today is either about transcendence or how to go about getting what you want. It is like we have been given only two choices: you can be spiritual and live at peace or you can live an outward life that is appealing.

I take apart this assumption. My tools give a felt sense of how the outward expression of life, from business to relationship, can be used for powerful spiritual awakenings. These tools also allow us to be more effective and fulfilled in our actions.

On the other side of this assumption, I nurture the natural expression of a self-realizing life. To understand how we are one with the universe is not the end of the journey. In fact, an unrelenting focus on achieving or maintaining this realization can be a form of ignorance and suffering. Once we know what being one is, then we are drawn to knowing how oneness does. How do we work from oneness, start businesses from oneness, be married in oneness, create community in oneness, and parent from oneness?

My work is very loving and very fierce. Everyone’s sense of safety and respect is always a priority, since these are the keys to growth and healing. At the same time, every belief and action we hold dear to us is open for questioning, as these are often the barriers to that same growth and healing. My approach combines the journey of self-realization and the journey of a potent life. Living in authenticity allows us to know ourselves deeply and act with power and vulnerability.