This life is yours

Do you ever hear a nagging voice in your head telling you that you should be different?


Smarter, richer, prettier, more successful.


What if that voice inspired you, rather than shamed you?


How would your life be different if the voice inspired you with loving compassion?


Welcome to our week-long workshop.

Imagine a life where inspiration for action and reflection comes with ease and joy.
Imagine how your life would be if what you had to do became something you loved to do, and everything else just fell away.

In your business, you and your team work with clarity and ease. Decisions come quickly and joyfully. Competition dissipates and growth becomes the norm. In your life, your relationships become more connected, more life-giving, more open, more free.


Over my years in business, working with venture capitalists and non-profit leaders and everything in between, I have seen numerous businesses and teams fail simply from lack of motivation. People are moving through their days almost mindlessly, doing what they think they should be doing, and ignoring what they want to be doing. They look for motivation externally, and crave affirmation from others. The bottom line becomes the thing that gives them and the company self-worth and value. An unexamined goal takes hold and sucks all the life and passion out of the humans working at the company. We close off entire parts of ourselves to survive and get through our days. And then we go home and carry these masks and incomplete selves into our relationships with friends and family and everyone we meet. All of this comes from one thing: our attachment to that voice in our head, formed from years of cultural conditioning. What if that voice loved us unconditionally and wanted us to live a life of joy, ease, and unending inspiration, no efforting required?

Skills, Outcomes, and Experience


Building on the skills taught at Tide Turners participants will cultivate a state of mind that affects all aspects of your life. By bringing awareness to how our consciousness affects our relationships, how our thinking motivates us and how we communicate, we will learn techniques to be more effective in the following areas:

  • Managing teams
  • Setting and achieving aspirational goals
  • Fundraising and Sales
  • Attracting and retaining great talent


We will apply communication techniques and group dialogue skills to current issues in your life and business. People commonly see the following outcomes:

  • Expansive rather than limiting perspectives
  • Becoming more and more the person they always dreamed of being
  • Increased creativity and inspiration at work
  • Greater ease in relationships at work and at home

Life Changing Experience

By bringing together an inspired, and inspiring group of leaders and dreamers this workshop gives everyone individually and collectively the opportunity to radically shift their life in just one week. If you are up for an inspiring, life-giving, and creative week, join us. You will walk away with clarity of how to make immediate and lasting changes in your life.

  • Joe has helped me unlock and transform beliefs and patterns that I have been carrying around for most of my life. I can honestly say I had a breakthrough or multiple during every session I had with him. He is brilliant.

    Lara Tabatznik
    Lara Tabatznik Founder of 42 Acres

Principles of the Workshop


The tools and exercises offered focus on building a life of greater ease, one full of inspiration without effort and motivation without guilt or shame.

Shift Perspective

What if all the masks and tactics you thought you needed to get through life, to be successful, and to give and receive love could just fall away? And all you are left with is exactly what you need and want in any moment? And with this you move and build more than you had ever imagined possible? Yes, this is possible. Come see for yourself.

Build a Loving Community

Humans are hardwired for connection. We crave community, and in an ever more isolated world where we spend more time with screens and less time with people we crave it even more. Our workshops use the principle of community to drive everything we do. The support and challenges that come from learning and working in groups captivates our desire to work and live in deeper, more meaningful relationships.

  • I give Joe my highest recommendation and am happy for anyone that has the pleasure of working with him. I have worked with a number of teachers, facilitators, and coaches over the years and Joe offers a unique and powerful blend of the very best elements.

    Mikey Siegel
    Mikey Siegel Founder Consciousness Hacking

Working with Joe

Joe Hudson

My work is all about understanding one’s self and encouraging authentic expression. I facilitate the journey by bringing a unique set of tools that are grounded in many psychological, neurological, and spiritual traditions. We focus on unwinding negative underlying patterns and tapping into our natural capacity to love and fully accept ourselves.

Much of the self work available today is either about transcendence or how to go about getting what you want. It is as if we have only two choices: you can be spiritual and live at peace or you can live a successful outward life.

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I take apart this assumption. My tools give a felt sense of how the outward expression of life, how we spend our time, from business to relationships, can be used for powerful spiritual awakenings.

On the other side of this assumption, I nurture the natural expression of a self-realizing life. To understand how we are one with the universe is not the end of the journey. Once we know what being one is, then we are drawn to knowing how oneness does. How do we work from oneness, start businesses from oneness, be married in oneness, create community in oneness, and parent from oneness?

My work is very loving and very fierce. A sense of safety and honoring of inner wisdom is always a priority, as these are the keys to growth and healing. At the same time, every belief and action we hold dear to us is open for questioning. My approach combines the journey of self-realization and the journey of a potent life. Living in authenticity allows us to know ourselves deeply and act with power and vulnerability.


In Person

Participants will meet for seven days and six nights at the Expanding Light Retreat Center in beautiful Northeastern California. Space is limited to 50 participants which allows for intensity and personalization of experience for each participant, as well as the intelligence of the group to give and receive support for one another.

Video Conference Follow-Up

Joe will lead one question and answer video conference after the in-person workshop. During this conference call, participants will have time to explore questions and share personal experiences with how they have integrated the new techniques.

Group Work & Future Programs

You will be invited to our private Facebook group so that you and other workshop participants can stay connected and share your experiences.

Participation in the Earth Shakers Forum program will be open to you after completing a Tide Turners or Ground Breakers workshop.

  • Holding genuine heart space, balanced with his keen intellect and business expertise, helps Joe to be a masterful coach, mentor, and teacher. You will not be disappointed and will take away important personal insights to apply to the rest of your life.

    Cameron Dubes
    Cameron Dubes Executive Director of Development, University of Chicago


Participants will meet for seven days and six nights at the Expanding Light Retreat Center in beautiful Northeastern California.

There is only one session of this Workshop in summer 2018. Don’t miss out!

The Ground Breakers Workshop is August 13 – 19th, 2018.

$6000 for an individual room (very limited spaces, apply early for a single room)

$4500 for a shared room; $3900 early bird pricing for shared room

  • Joe Hudson is a visionary who is rooted in the practical realities of a world that sorely needs courage and vision. He’s also a mover and shaker. Joe knows how to get in and support the best in each of us. In a group, he solicits wisdom from each person. Be ready for him to stand up to pretense, too, while both honoring and releasing the person momentarily snared there. You’ll be challenged, you’ll learn deeply, you’ll come away having authentically connected with yourself, your higher purpose, and with others whose caring has touched you. And you’ll come away loved.

    Patty Wipfler
    Patty Wipfler Founder and Program Director at Hand in Hand Parenting