Years ago, I met a guy named Cees De Bruin. He was an amazing individual. He had two abilities that fascinated me. He could meet any person, and within an hour, the person across from him would have a revelation about their life or have a moment of insight where they would have a greater sense of freedom and peace. He could also sell with an ease that I had never seen before.

One day, I watched Cees, who was a quirky guy from Amsterdam talk to an American farmer. He sat and asked questions and at the end of their conversation, the farmer wanted to buy the product that Cees had been telling him about. Cees never tried to convince him into anything. The sale was a natural progression of events that stemmed from their unique conversation that led the farmer to realize things about himself he hadn’t before. Once the connection was made, the sale was done. This progression fascinated me and I wanted to learn more. Over my time spent with Cees, I saw him sell like this consistently.

After a year, Cees developed cancer and couldn’t get the treatment he wanted in Amsterdam, so he moved in with my family in California. I really got to hone in on what he did and how he did it. He told me that what he did wasn’t teachable. Although it was a very simple technique about asking open ended questions, it was something people couldn’t grasp. In a way he was right; it took me years to learn it.

After Cees passed, I looked for other people who were using similar techniques; people who could sit down and give someone a sense of revelation in a short period of time. I realized that all of them had this very particular state of mind that they had cultivated inside of themselves. It’s a state of mind that is very vulnerable, curious, and empathetic. It’s not trying to manage or get it right.

That’s when I figured out that you can’t teach the technique until people access the state of mind. I started developing a system of exercises that allowed people to get into this state so they could learn the technique. What happened after that amazed me. Soon the people that I had taught were able to create clarity and epiphany for themselves and facilitate the same experience for others.

What inspires me most is for you to get the same freedom I got through this learning experience. Using this state of mind has changed the way I relate to my family, my clients, and how I communicate in business. I now look forward to hard conversations and have a lot more love and laughter with my coworkers. I want to share this, not only for you, but for all the people you touch. The ripple effect that is created when one operates in this way is far more vast than you can imagine. That is why this workshop is dedicated to Cees.