“Great sages and business people no longer argue with reality. They seek to understand it by testing its limits.”

We are offering a complimentary question and answer session for anyone that wants to get to know Joe and start exploring. Feel free to bring any questions that revolve around business, money, and/or self-discovery.

In general, the Q&A sessions are working on the level of the mind. Many times the issues we have can be addressed on this level. Often times, however, deeper work needs to take place to unravel patterns, get to clarity, and to embody new ways of being. The most efficient tools for this kind of work are not intellectual and can be found in the in-person and experiential offerings we have on this site.

We look forward to you joining us for a Q&A session and don’t forget to watch the video above. It’ll help you make the most of our time together.


There are no dates currently scheduled. Please check back as we are continuously updating the site as new dates arise!

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