This life is yours

How do you feel in the face of conflicts at work? In your home?


What would it feel like to greet these conflicts with excitement and joy?


What would open up in this reality?


Welcome to our introductory two-day workshop.

Imagine a life where every difficult conversation was rewarding and meaningful.
Imagine living in a world where your work and business deepen your relationship with yourself and others.

From hiring, firing, meetings, and strategies, we will explore beyond communication techniques, into states of mind that lead to revelation and discovery. We will use this practice to cultivate clarity and epiphany around your circumstances.


Cees De Bruin

Years ago, I met a guy named Cees De Bruin. He was an amazing individual. He had two abilities that fascinated me. First, Cees could meet any person, and within an hour, that person would have a revelation about their life or experience a moment of insight where they would have a greater sense of inner freedom. Second, he had an ability that I couldn’t believe went along with the first. Cees could sell with an ease that I had never seen before.

One day, I watched Cees, a quirky guy from Amsterdam, talk to an American farmer. He sat and asked questions and at the end of their conversation, the farmer wanted to buy the product that Cees was selling. Cees never tried to convince him into anything. The sale was a natural progression of events that stemmed from their conversation that led the farmer to realize things about himself he hadn’t before. Once the connection was made, the sale was done. This progression fascinated me and I wanted to learn more. Over my time spent with Cees, I saw this gift over and over again.

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 After a year, Cees developed cancer and couldn’t get the treatment he wanted in Amsterdam, so he moved in with my family in California. He told me that what he did wasn’t teachable. Although it was a very simple technique about asking open ended questions, it was something people couldn’t grasp. In a way he was right; it took me years to learn it.


After Cees passed, I looked for other people who could sit down and give someone a sense of revelation in a short period of time. I realized that all of them had one thing in common, a very particular state of mind they had cultivated inside of themselves. It’s a state of mind that is very vulnerable, curious, and empathetic. There is no managing, no trying to get it right.  


Cees was right. You can’t teach the technique, at least not until someone accesses the state of mind. So I started developing a system of exercises that allowed people access to the state of mind. What happened after that amazed me. Soon the people that I had taught were able to create clarity and epiphany for themselves and facilitate the same experience for others.


What inspires me most is for you to get the same freedom I got through this learning experience. Using this state of mind has changed the way I relate to my family, my clients, and how I communicate in business. I now look forward to hard conversations and have a lot more love and laughter with my coworkers. I want to share this, not only for you, but for all the people you touch. The ripple effect that is created when one operates in this way is far more vast than you can imagine. Cees showed me that, and I dedicate this work to him.

Skills, Outcomes, and Experience


The skills in this workshop will teach you a state of mind that can be directly applied to many areas of your life and business. By bringing awareness to how our consciousness affects our communication and learning techniques to become more effective in the following areas:

  • Fundraising and Sales
  • Product Development
  • Customer Service
  • Attracting great talent
  • Managing teams


We will apply new communication techniques to current issues in your life and business. People commonly see the following outcomes:

  • Expansive rather than limiting perspectives
  • Deeper alignment between their authenticity and their business
  • Better relationships with co-workers and at home
  • New solutions to recurring problems
  • Increased creativity and inspiration at work
  • Freedom from anxiety when problems arise

Life Changing Experience

This workshop has a profound effect on people and often times is life changing. In part, the depth of this workshop is dependent on the issues you bring and your willingness to investigate.

Please bring current, real-life scenarios and situations to the group. By having these conversations during the workshop, you will walk away with clarity in how to approach your real-life issues immediately.

  • Joe’s approach is a unique blend of embodied direct inquiry that bypasses the intellect and story based emotions and gets right into the felt experience of the body around an inquiry in a way that leads to a powerful release.

    Nichol Bradford
    Nichol Bradford CEO and Founder of Willow Group

Principles of the Workshop

Mind, Body, and Heart

The exercises and tools used in this workshop will focus on balancing the mind, body, and heart. Meaningful change happens when all of these components are engaged. Wonder, vulnerability, inquiry, and empathy guide our balanced approach.

Experiential and Applied Learning

We will spend most of our time doing exercises and applying what we learn to our current life situations. We learn the tools and state of mind by doing it, not by talking about it.

Internal and External

How we treat ourselves affects how we treat others. How we treat others affects what we can accomplish. At the same time, we can’t build our vision if we don’t have the tools. Since your internal and external states influence one another, we will learn external tools that lead to self discovery as well as internal tools that lead to effective action.

  • I give Joe my highest recommendation and am happy for anyone that has the pleasure of working with him. I have worked with a number of teachers, facilitators, and coaches over the years and Joe offers a unique and powerful blend of the very best elements.

    Mikey Siegel
    Mikey Siegel Founder Consciousness Hacking

Working with Joe

Joe Hudson

My work is all about understanding one’s self and encouraging authentic expression. I facilitate the journey by bringing a unique set of tools that are grounded in many psychological, neurological, and spiritual traditions. We focus on unwinding negative underlying patterns and tapping into our natural capacity to love and fully accept ourselves.

Much of the self work available today is either about transcendence or how to go about getting what you want. It is as if we have only two choices: you can be spiritual and live at peace or you can live a successful outward life.

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I take apart this assumption. My tools give a felt sense of how the outward expression of life, how we spend our time, from business to relationships, can be used for powerful spiritual awakenings.

On the other side of this assumption, I nurture the natural expression of a self-realizing life. To understand how we are one with the universe is not the end of the journey. Once we know what being one is, then we are drawn to knowing how oneness does. How do we work from oneness, start businesses from oneness, be married in oneness, create community in oneness, and parent from oneness?

My work is very loving and very fierce. A sense of safety and honoring of inner wisdom is always a priority, as these are the keys to growth and healing. At the same time, every belief and action we hold dear to us is open for questioning. My approach combines the journey of self-realization and the journey of a potent life. Living in authenticity allows us to know ourselves deeply and act with power and vulnerability.


In Person

Participants will meet for two days in various locations including: the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Boston, Seattle, and Sun Valley, ID. Space is limited to 24 participants per workshop. This allows for intensity and personalization of experience for each participant.

Video Conference Follow-Up

Joe will lead one question and answer video conference after the in-person workshop. During this conference call, participants will have time to explore questions and share personal experiences with how they have integrated the new techniques.

Group Work & Future Programs

You will be invited to our private Facebook group so that you and other workshop participants can stay connected and share your experiences.

Participation in the Earth Shakers Forum program is available only to people who have participated in a Tide Turners workshop. Thus groups are curated with individuals who are already integrating the mindset and way of working in deeper connection and authenticity into their daily lives. Over 50% of individuals who participated in a Tide Turners workshop applied for the Earth Shakers Forum last year.

  • Joe Hudson is a visionary who is rooted in the practical realities of a world that sorely needs courage and vision. He’s also a mover and shaker. Joe knows how to get in and support the best in each of us. In a group, he solicits wisdom from each person. Be ready for him to stand up to pretense, too, while both honoring and releasing the person momentarily snared there. You’ll be challenged, you’ll learn deeply, you’ll come away having authentically connected with yourself, your higher purpose, and with others whose caring has touched you. And you’ll come away loved.

    Patty Wipfler
    Patty Wipfler Founder and Program Director at Hand in Hand Parenting

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April 20/21

San Francisco, CA

May 5th/6th

Sun Valley, ID

June 9th/10th

Oakland, CA

June 23/34

Seattle, WA

June 30/ July 1

Baltimore, MD

July 14/15

Boston, MA

July 21/22

New York, NY

July 28/29

San Francisco, CA
  • Joe Hudson is an innovator and a sage. He has reimagined business as a deeply spiritual journey focused on personal accountability, transparency, and heart-centered leadership. It’s a formidable combination that cultivates clarity and alignment within the organization and leads to remarkable growth!

    Lara Bakosh
    Lara Bakosh Co-Founder of Inner Explorer